Building a Multilingual Audio CAPTCHA

Audio-based CAPTCHAs help visually impaired individuals navigate the Web. We are currently building audio-based CAPTCHAs for multiple languages, and we need your help! If you are a native speaker of a language other than English, we would appreciate you spending 30 seconds recording ten digits below. The digits will be used in our next audio CAPTCHA release.

1. Select Your Language

2. Record The Digits

Press the record button (red circle) to record yourself saying the digits 0-9 in your native language. Please say the digits as clearly as possible, and wait 2 seconds between each digit. Press stop and then "send" once you are done.

Note: Java 1.5 or higher is required to run the applet below. Download the latest version of Java.

3. Legalese

NO IDENTIFYING INFORMATION WILL BE COLLECTED. We will only record your voice. By submitting an audio recording, you grant Carnegie Mellon University ownership of the recording, and grant permission to use the recording in a CAPTCHA system.